Identity Services for Passwordless Authentication

A patent for a passwordless service allowing customers to have multi-user and RBAC to be used on services that don’t support it but support WebAuthn.

Needing the DoH: The Ongoing Encryption and Centralization of DNS

A talk for Black Hat USA 2020 covering the improvements and concerns around encrypting DNS, the centralization of DNS providers, and the tension between consumer and enterprise needs.

Malicious Devices on Hostile Networks at Home

A talk for THOTCON covering the increased risk with IoT and 5G and how Zero Trust principles can combat this.

Usability Is Security: Part 2

A Duo blog post looking at the future of authentication and authorization.

Usability Is Security: Part 1

A Duo blog post - a retrospective on authentication, authorization and human psychology in cybersecurity.

Ignite Talk: Universities In Society

An ignite talk on the increasing external influences on universities.

Operating System Interface for Credential Management

A patent for providing an operating system level interface for communicating credential data between applications.

TEDx Oakland University

A TEDx talk examining MOOCs and how technology is changing the way we teach and learn.

Local Content Caching

A disclosed invention which caches content, predicted to be streamed in the future, locally at a device, thereby, enabling faster access to the content for a user of the device.

Credential Sharing

A patent where credentials can be shared by one user with others when sharing conditions are met.

Which Web Tool To Select

A paper covering the selection of web tools available to teachers.

Google Docs in the Classroom

A paper published in a peer reviewed journal covering the utilization of Google tools in the classroom.

Open Source in Public Schools

A documentary investigating the feasibility and practicality of utilizing Open Source software in public education.

TLJ Consulting Group

A site designed for the the TLJ Consulting Group, with an ecommerce component and focus on ease of

Four. Evv. Arr.

A dramatic voiceover reading of the short story “Four. Evv. Arr.”

nbyg site

A website designed for the the North Boulevard Youth Group, with a focus on simplicity and ease of editing for future administrators.

City of Children Lipdub

A music video recorded in one take covering the City of Children children’s home in Ensenada, Mexico.

Borodash Promo

A video for promoting the original BoroDash fundraiser race in Murfreesboro, TN.

nbyg hook

A comedic instructional video.

Demo Reel

A video recording of me as the Master of Ceremonies at the annual Fall Festival of Magic Show.

WATS Promo

A comedic video designed to promote North Boulevard’s “We Are The Sermon.”