Malicious Devices on Hostile Networks at Home

A talk covering the increased risk with IoT and 5G and how Zero Trust principles can combat this.

Usability Is Security: Part 2

A Duo blog post looking at the future of authentication and authorization.

Usability Is Security: Part 1

A Duo blog post - a retrospective on authentication, authorization and human psychology in cybersecurity.

Ignite Talk: Universities In Society

An ignite talk on the increasing external influences on universities.

Operating System Interface for Credential Management

A patent for providing an operating system level interface for communicating credential data between applications.

TEDx Oakland University

A TEDx talk examining MOOCs and how technology is changing the way we teach and learn.

Local Content Caching

A disclosed invention which caches content, predicted to be streamed in the future, locally at a device, thereby, enabling faster access to the content for a user of the device.

Credential Sharing

A patent where credentials can be shared by one user with others when sharing conditions are met.

Which Web Tool To Select

A paper covering the selection of web tools available to teachers.

Google Docs in the Classroom

A paper published in a peer reviewed journal covering the utilization of Google tools in the classroom.

Open Source in Public Schools

A documentary investigating the feasibility and practicality of utilizing Open Source software in public education.

TLJ Consulting Group

A site designed for the the TLJ Consulting Group, with an ecommerce component and focus on ease of

Four. Evv. Arr.

A dramatic voiceover reading of the short story “Four. Evv. Arr.”

nbyg site

A website designed for the the North Boulevard Youth Group, with a focus on simplicity and ease of editing for future administrators.

City of Children Lipdub

A music video recorded in one take covering the City of Children children’s home in Ensenada, Mexico.

Borodash Promo

A video for promoting the original BoroDash fundraiser race in Murfreesboro, TN.

nbyg hook

A comedic instructional video.

Demo Reel

A video recording of me as the Master of Ceremonies at the annual Fall Festival of Magic Show.

WATS Promo

A comedic video designed to promote North Boulevard’s “We Are The Sermon.”